Introduction to the Hexagonal Matrix

This presentation is only a quick overview of the development of the Hexagonal Matrix.

Extract from the essential video to see absolutely :
hopscotch zodiac

Cardinals, fixed, mutable :

In the Hexagonal Matrix, there are many other incredible coincidences.

Here is one: The zodiac is divided by the 4 seasons.
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
Here in red, the signs that start a season: these are the cardinal signs.
Here in blue, the signs that set a season: these are the fixed signs.
Here in green, the signs that end a season: these are the mutable signs.

Thus follow one another a cardinal sign, fixed and mutable.

It is then incredible to note that the distribution of the 12 signs in three kinds is perfectly followed in the organon.
image_lmh image_lmh
Cardinal, at the top of the square axis.
Fixed, just in the center of the square axis.
And finally mutable, at the bottom of the axis of the square.

image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
The cardinal signs are innovating a new season, as if emerging from the center.
The fixed signs continue and confirm the season, by installing it.
The mutable signs are the culmination of the season, which is then exhausted, at its end. Mutable means moving, mobile.

The 4 mutable signs are indeed said to be double.
image_lmh image_lmh
They bring together the mobility of Mercury through Virgo and Gemini, as well as the major destinations of Jupiter.
Maritime with Pisces, or aerial with Sagittarius.

By the biggest chance, it turns out that these double signs have two axes of symmetry, here in red,
thus determining 4 identical sectors like the four identical triangles also of Virgo.

Here is a demonstration:
image_lmh image_lmh

image_lmh image_lmh

image_lmh image_lmh

image_lmh image_lmh

The Virgo has its back,
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
with its front it forms two diamonds, here in red.

And we also find a rhombus in Gemini, Pisces, and finally Sagittarius.
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
These 4 signs are the only ones with a diamond.

On the other hand, the Virgo develops into a swastika.
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
It integrates into the zodiac by pointing to these 4 branches the 4 mutable signs.

Thus the swastika would be a kind of acrobat with four members.
image_lmh image_lmh
Two arms of Mercury and two legs of Jupiter.


This acrobat would be responsible for the succession of seasons, their mutable aspect, the setting in motion of the fixed sign.
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh
This acrobat therefore has a patchwork of diamonds, his brand, his emblem.
Which obviously reminds us of this curious and mysterious acrobat of the big roads: Harlequin.
Harlequin made a vow of poverty, as the mutable sign made a vow of the disappearance of his season.

The diamonds of the opposite mutable signs are identical.
image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh image_lmh

Definitely, the Hexagonal Matrix is perfect until the end.

This presentation is taken from La Géométrie du Langage, René Cuzin.