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The geometry of language

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Take a compass, make a circle. Then, without changing the spacing of the compass, place its tip on the circle, and draw an arc which crosses the circle at two points. You get an almond shape: Without changing the spacing of the compass, place the point on one of the crossing points, draw a new arc, and repeat the operation several times until a rosette appears 6 branches...

The small typewriter

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Once upon a time, fell from the sky like a snowflake, a small ball with crystalline reflections: "Hello, I introduce myself, I am a typewriter, but to be able to read myself, I have to peel myself like a nut!" " And this is how this mysterious ball spoke. So she removes her shell, revealing her seed ...

Matrix of an unknown writing

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The hexagon is the simplest polygon in its construction, it is enough to transfer 6 times the radius of the circle on the circumference, in the form of a rosette: This polygon has 6 sides and 6 vertices, so far nothing very complicated. Now, if we try to join the 6 points in one line, without lifting the pencil, we get 12 different shapes ...